Father's Day Mug & 3 Sweets Hamper


A great gift for any Father, you can choose from various mugs and sweet which we have available.

Hampers can be adjusted to suit any budget, and can be built using any products we sell on our site including mugs, bags of sweets, sweet cones, sweet jars and individual sweets. 

Included in this hamper:

  • Box with tissue paper
  • Mug
  • 3 Bags of Sweet (you choose, please leave a comment at checkout, if not comment is left then we will choose a mix for you)

Options for mugs:

Mug 1 - Says "Dad by day gamer by night" on one side and "Gamer Dad" on the other

Mug 2 - Says "Dad's with beards are better" on one side and "Happy Father's Day" on the other

Mug 3 - Says "Dad joke loading" on one side and "Happy Father's Day" on the other

If you are wanting to view the mugs in more detail they are listed individually in out Sweet Mug section.

You also choose whether you would like the box to be open and wrapped in cellophane like in photo 2 or closed like in photo 3.

Box measures approx 23cm x 15cm x 7.5cm

If you would like a different hamper to what we have listed then please message us using the contact us page letting us know what you would like in it, after you have decided on what you would like then we will invoice you for payment.