Mother's Day Selection Box


Our Mother's Day selection boxes are a lovely present to give to anyone.

You can choose up to 6 different sweets to have in this box.  Please leave a note at checkout to say which you would like.  Please choose from the following:

  • Abc Candy

    Black Jack

    Bonbons Blue Raspberry

    Bonbons Strawberry

    Bonbons Vimto

    Brown Chocolate Drops

    Bubblegum Pips

    Candy Sticks x 5 boxes

    Candy Watches x 4

    Cherry Lips

    Chewing Nut

    Chocolate Beans

    Chocolate Cinder Toffee

    Chocolate Eggs

    Chocolate Foiled Eggs

    Chocolate Limes

    Chocolate Nibble

    Cola Bottles

    Dolly Mixture

    Double Lollies x 10

    Drumstick Lollies x 10

    Edingbrough Rock

    Fish and Chips

    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

    Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

    Fizzy Cola Bottles

    Fizzy Dummies

    Fizzy Strawberries

    Fizzy Twin Cherries

    Fizzy Watermelon

    Foam Bananas

    Foam Shrimps

    Fried Eggs

    Fried Eggs - Haribo

    Fruit Salad

    Giant Strawberries

    Gold Bears

    Heart Mallows - 50g

    Heart Throbs

    Jammie Chocolate Nibble


    Jelly Babies

    Jelly Beans

    Jelly Love Hearts

    Jelly Snakes

    Kola Cubes


    Liquorice Allsorts

    Liquorice Cream Rock

    Love Hearts - 10 packs

    Mallow Poles - 50g

    Milk Bottles

    Milk Teeth

    Millions Bubblegum

    Millions Cola

    Millions Strawberry

    Mini Strawberry Pencils

    Mushrooms Bubblegum

    Mushrooms Coconut

    Mushrooms Strawberry

    Pineapple Cubes

    Pink And White Pips

    Rainbow Belts

    Red Lips

    Refreshers Mini x 10

    Rhubarb And Custard

    Rhubarb And Custard - Haribo soft


    Sherbet Lemons

    Small Pears Drops


    Soft Candy Sticks

    Sour Apple Cubes

    Strawberry Laces

    Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

    Strawberry Twist Kisses

    Sweet Peanuts

    Tea Cakes

    Toffee Crumble

    Twin Cherries

    White Chocolate Drops

    White Mice

Should you wish to see a list of ingredients or allergens for the sweets please see their individual listings.

Each box comes with 6 individually packages of sweets in a white box.  Each box comes with a sheet of tissue paper and a note on the inside of the lid.  The design cannot be altered but the wording and colour and size of wording can be.

*pictures are to show you what they could look like.