Small Jar of Sweets


Our small Jar of sweets can be filled with a variety of up to 3 sweets and our NEW removable sticker so it is easier for you to reuse the jars.  Please let us know in the comment section which (if any) sticker you would like on the jar. 

Please use the above picture images to select up to 3 sweets to fill your Small Jar Of Sweets.  Should you choose less than 3 we will just double up on some of the selections you have chosen.  If no selection is made we will just add a mixture of sweets for you.  

Some sweets are not available to pick for the jars due to them not fitting well, limiting the weight you would be able to receive.  

Should you wish to see a list of ingredients or allergens for the sweets please see their individual listings.

Jars are approx 15cm tall and 8cm wide.  They come with between 300g and 500g depending of the sweets chosen. 

*pictures are to show you what they could look like.